What is the shelf life or expiration date?

Medications in our Med Kits generally have a shelf life of at least 1 year, with some items valid for 2 years or longer. Each medication in your kit will be individually marked with its expiration date.

Using medications after their published expiration date can be dangerous, and we discourage this practice. Instead, we'll help you dispose of unused medications.

When the expiration dates are near, we'll reach out to renew those medications. You can renew all medications in your Med Kit at once, or replace the medications over time. You can also decide to renew some of the medications and not others. Because every Med Kit is built to order, we're flexible. As with any prescription, renewal of prescription medications must be approved by a Duration Health physician.

How much does it cost to renew? You will never pay more to renew your Med Kit than you paid for your initial Med Kit, and usually substantially less. Renewal costs depend on exactly which medications are in your Med Kit.

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